Chelsea striker reveals how the foul racism affected his mother

Chelsea striker and former Blues youth academy product Tammy Abraham was exposed to some disgusting racist behaviour online when he missed a deciding penalty.

Chelsea were playing Liverpool in the UEFA Super Cup final and the match ended 2-2 before going into a penalty shootout. The shootout also went 4 a piece before Liverpool converted their fifth and Abraham was tasked with the fifth penalty. The striker ended up having his penalty saved which provoked the inexcusable racist behavior.

Speaking to The Mirror, the England striker said: “I remember speaking to my mum, she was emotional.

“She was in tears. She was just thinking ‘Why him? Why him?’ It’s obviously not nice, seeing your son getting abused.

“For me I’m always a strong character. It doesn’t affect me as much. But it could affect people who don’t have my personality.”

He added: “Everyone misses penalties but to miss a penalty in [the Super Cup], I was obviously devastated.

“I’d had a lot of abuse and everything afterwards but Lampard always had his arm around my shoulder, he lifted me up.

“The boys as well – give credit to them. It’s as if I’d never missed the way they supported me. That’s exactly what I needed.”

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