Chelsea FC Accepts BingX Sponsorship

Chelsea FC is one of the top football clubs and has won various tournaments. One of its bragging rights is that it’s a two-time UEFA Champions League winner. It’s also a six-time winner of the First Division/Premier League and an eight-time FA Cup winner, among other titles. This club has many sponsors and recently landed a new sleeve sponsorship with BingX.

Chelsea FC History

Chelsea FC was established in 1906, and within a few months of its debut, it was already setting records. On April 13th, 1906, Chelsea’s game against Manchester United drew a record-breaking number of people for second-tier grounds.

Around 67,000 people attended the game, which was 11x the average attendance. It further took 28 years for Arsenal to break that record. Chelsea continued to gain recognition and was even called the best-supported club in the land at one stage.

Now, the sports club is widely popular among many football fanatics. People clamor to get tickets and place wagers on how they think the club will perform. You can find the latest odds and matches on Chelsea FC on Sportsbet-io to keep in touch with what’s happening.

Other Sponsorships

There are too many sponsorships to go into detail about them all, so let’s look at a select few. Its principal partners are Infinite Athlete, Nike, Trivago, and latest, BingX. It also has official partners like Cadbury, EA Sports, Hilton Levy, and MSC Cruise.

The club’s sponsorships also span globally. For example, in 2017, Chelsea FC partnered with Nigeria’s leading premium beer, Star Lager. The partnership had Star Lager selling Chelsea-branded bottles in Nigeria, and the beer brand added to the player’s outfits.

The BingX Partnership

The latest in Chelsea’s sponsorship ventures is joining the crypto trend. BingX is a globally recognized crypto exchange platform. In January of this year, they forayed into the sports world as the sleeve partner of this club.

Both entities bring experience and fame to the table. BingX boasts diverse products and platforms, and Chelsea has millions of fans worldwide. Both were excited about the sponsorship and what opportunities it could bring.

BingX even produced content for the week of the release, with Vivien Lin at the stadium where Chelsea first played with new branded sleeves.

What Does It Mean?

This multi-year sponsorship means they’ll add the BingX logo to Chelsea’s sleeves. Next season, they’ll also add it to the front of the training kits. Further, it means that of the 20 Premier League clubs, 18 now have crypto sponsors again.

This new deal shows how cryptocurrency is becoming more accepted in football. Crypto has been used to pay for a player’s transfer, and some clubs even pay bonuses to their players in crypto.

While their previous crypto partner, WhaleFin, terminated its sponsorship during the 2022/23 season, it didn’t deter the football club. It simply showed them to aim higher. BingX is significantly bigger, with over 10 million users worldwide.

Chelsea’s Way Forward

Chelsea FC is steamrolling ahead, ensuring they have the best team possible. Reportedly, the club is considering signing Vitinha, the PSG star, to round out their team’s midfield. The team also won against Newcastle United in their recent match, and the coach affirmed that their team is solid and ready for future matches.

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