Chelsea could close in on the Romeo Lavia deal in this transfer window

Moises Caicedo of Brighton appears to be Chelsea’s top target this summer among all available central midfielders in the Premier League

However, he already seems like he will be too pricey even before any bids have been submitted. There are estimates that are near £80 million.

Romeo Lavia of relegated Southampton, who enjoyed a successful first season in the top division despite the troubles of his team, appears to be the second pick. According to a current Football Insider exclusive, one of our rivals (Liverpool) is reportedly desperate to avoid overpaying and entering a bidding war, and will only pursue Lavia if they are aware that he prioritises a move there over all other options.

If such is the case, it might significantly increase Chelsea’s prospects of acquiring Lavia for a reasonable price.

According to the same article, Southampton is asking £45 million for Lavia, but if Liverpool entered the picture, the price would undoubtedly rise sharply.

Contrary to all expectations, the fact that they deliberately want to avoid that could result in a low-cost transaction for Chelsea. It’s not a bad idea to get your second option at a discount if you can’t get your first target.

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