Chelsea captain Reece James is decreasing in value

Reece James is set to return to action against Arsenal this weekend.

The Blues captain sustained a hamstring injury in training back in August and has already missed eight matches this season.

He hasn’t featured in enough games in a row without sustaining an injury and underwent surgery last season that kept him away for a few months.

James picked up another hamstring injury at the start of this campaign and has been absent ever since.

His future could be in danger as the club cannot afford to keep an injury-prone player.

Pundit Alejandro Moreno believes James is decreasing his value with his successive injuries.

He said: “By definition, an MVP is the most valuable player, and in order to be a player, you have to be on the field. It’s not a situation in which I disagree with Sam in regard to the value of Reece James when he’s on the field.

“But if he is watching from the stands, then he has no use for me. He does nothing for me if I’m a Chelsea player or if I’m part of the Chelsea coaching staff or the front office.”

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