Chelsea and Newcastle are the favorites to sign Rabiot

Newcastle United and Chelsea are the front-runners in the competition to capture Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot on a free transfer

Clubs like Chelsea and Newcastle are reportedly interested in signing the French midfielder after he admitted at a news conference during the World Cup that “It’s the most ideal league for me,” according to a report by writer Marco Guidi in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Juventus player will be a free agent this summer and can thus begin talks with any team as early as January without the help of his current squad. Only clubs with significant financial means can afford the player since the player’s mother-turned-agent Veronique is anticipated to bargain hard and long for the best financial offer from any club.

Despite Juventus’ financial and legal issues, manager Massimiliano Allegri has consistently backed the player and hopes that he will eventually play a significant role for the squad.

The Serie A powerhouses are now reviewing a similar contract offer to Rabiot’s for €7 million net with the possibility of a €1 million bonus provided certain conditions are met. The Frenchman is eligible for a signing bonus from the Bianconeri, but that has yet to be determined.

As clubs must set up favourable terms for the player in the form of Champions League football, salary, signing bonus, and other things before gaining his services, Rabiot presently has no offers on the table.

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