Caballero I received death threats after the Croatia match

Experienced Chelsea goalkeeper Willy Caballero gained the trust and was Argentina’s first goalkeeper at the 2018 World Cup.

He did his job well, but stood out with the mistake in the match against Croatia. The match was tough and without many chances, but with the award-winning goal of Ante Rebiќ in the 53rd minute, things changed and Croatia celebrated with 0-3. Caballero, wanting to play a teammate, added the ball to the Milan striker, who shook the net directly with a volley.

The network security guard admitted that after such an error, there were threats, including threats to his life.

“I wanted to add Salvio, but I hit the grass and made a mistake. The next day I was hell. Everyone suddenly had my number and sent me messages. There were also threats to my life. “I was just thinking about my family and their safety.”

After the mistake, the coach Sampaoli placed him on the bench, and by the end of the tournament, Franco Armani defended. Argentina passed the group stage, but were immediately eliminated in the round of 16 by later world champions France 4-3.

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