Abraham opens up on Chelsea legends

Chelsea striker Abraham has revealed he idolises Didier Drogba.

Abraham said: “I have so many stories from when I was younger watching him, growing up watching such a talented striker.

“I’ve always wanted to be like him, always hungry to score goals.”

Abraham added: “Just looking at him he had that appearance about him. And I’ve always wanted to add that to my game. So to follow in his footsteps [as the club’s main striker] is always nice.”

On Lampard, his current boss, Abraham had only words of respect and admiration.

Abraham added: “He’s always believed in me. He’s believed in the youngsters and believed in me.

“A lot of players have downsides to the game but even when I was going for that little spell, he still believed in me, and that goal mean a lot to me.

“I looked over, I saw him celebrating as well. So I just said to go share my emotions.“

Abraham has also thanked his family for his mental strength.

“We are very strong Christians,” he said. ”I’ve had a lot of Nigerian family and friends around the South London. A lot of African friends and a lot of friends from different cultures.

“They are always coming to my house, eating my mum’s food and that. They’ve had to get used to it!

“I always say to myself, you know, I want to hit close to what I got last season in terms of goals. If I get anywhere near to what go last season, it’s a fantastic year for me.”

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