Willian on Juventus transfer possibility and Chelsea future

Chelsea’s star winger Willian speculates on the possibility of a Juventus transfer in the near future and intention of staying with Chelsea. 

‘Everyone knows how I love this club and how I enjoy to play for Chelsea. If I can, I will stay here until I am 40 years old but football is not always like this,’ he told Sky Sports.

‘[I want to stay] because I like to play here. It’s not only my decision, we have to decide together with the club. We’ve had some conversations. ‘I hope I can say to you guys that I will stay but now I cannot say.’

Willian on Juventus transfer possibility and Chelsea future

However, on Sunday, spectators and players saw an alleged racial abuse scense directed at Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger, when the Blues won 2-0 over the Spurs. Willian spoke up about this incident and urges concerned authories to take stricter action.

‘It’s a shame. It’s very disappointing, I don’t how people can think [like] that. In their team [Tottenham] they have black players as well. I really don’t understand what they think or why they do these kinds of things,’ he added.

‘I think we have to find, together, a way to stop this. It’s a shame for everyone.

‘It hurts a lot. They don’t need to do it against me, they do it against my team-mates so I feel bad as well.

‘Inside the pitch you cannot think much about this otherwise you are not concentrating [on the game]. We do what we can do, our captain reports to the referee that we had a manifestation of racism and the ref decides what to do.

‘I hope we see more action from the federations, that’s what we want.’

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