Maurorizio Sarri has been criticised by fans and his team alike for the coaching style he had adopted during his time with Chelsea, especially in the last season.

And one of the team players who was quite agitated with Sarri was Chelsea’s former goalkeeper, Rob Green. And he didn’t hold back when he spoke up about Chelsea’s rough defeat to Man City under Saari last season.

“I told him, “You have no plan B. You’re a transactional kind of manager.

“The players in the group are not the kind to speak to you like this — they care very much but are scared to say something to you, like I am.

“I don’t care because what are you going to do — drop me?

“I spoke for 15 minutes. A lot of players said afterwards that they enjoyed me saying that: ‘You said what I wanted to say but I couldn’t say it’.

“Obviously, if they had, it could have affected their place in the team or their future at the club.”

“It is a good thing to have a coach with clarity and total belief in what they’re doing,” Green continued.

“There were times it worked — the problem is there are 11 people on the other team trying to do something to stop you.

“The difficulty is when they figured out how. He was always going to struggle to change it because he only had one way.

“If it didn’t work, he’d just say we had to do his way better.”

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