Ian McGarry believes that Gonzalo Higuain will flop at Chelsea.

“He’s the puzzle wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in a box called Pandora. Theoretically he’s playing under his favourite manager, a manager who got him 30 plus goals in two seasons at Napoli.”

“That’s why he’s at Chelsea now because Sarri effectively demanded that he come because [Alvaro] Morata clearly has not been a happy person in London or at Chelsea. Higuain theoretically should be the answer to Sarriball. Unfortunately, Chelsea are not a team who cross the ball in the way that Napoli did.”

“Even though they have so-called wingers, I’d say they are more attacking midfielders than they are wingers because Willian, Pedro and Eden Hazard all like to come in off the wing and pass in behind or around the corner rather than actually take the ball to the by-line and pass it through.”

“What Higuain does best is arrive at the right rime, gets ahead of defenders or can go one-on-one. I think there’s a clash of styles, unlike as I was describing with [Michy] Batshuayi and Crystal Palace with regards to it will take a lot of work to make Higuain get anywhere near 10 goals between now and the rest of the season.”

“I’m putting my neck on the line and say that’s a miss.”

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