Chelsea fan favourite Pat Nevin thinks Higuain will be loved more Chelsea fans than Alvaro Morata because of two main reasons. He feels Morata is also a valuable striker but just did not suit Chelsea’s system, which is where Higuain will shine.

He said, “Suddenly everyone thinks he [Morata] is a dud but he is probably the same sort of player [as he always was]. But playing in a different team with a different system that plays different passes [is hard for strikers] and there have been plenty of them at Chelsea.”

“Do not be surprised if Morata goes over there and finds himself in Spain battering a whole bunch of goals again because he is playing with players that are playing in a style that suits shim.”

“Poor Morata. It was a team that did not suit him but even if it doesn’t suit you, at least put yourself about a bit and that was his problem. He is easily knocked of the ball. That is one massive difference between him and Higuain.”

“Higuain will make himself and absolute nuisance and a menace. He’s physically strong as well. If he is not getting anything, it’s okay, he is going to tire two people anyway. The other thing is his touch is slightly better with the one-twos with Hazard.”

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