A bright start to the season. Unbeaten for the better part of it. Then a slump of defeats to Wolves and Spurs.

The Spurs defeat in particular showed Chelsea’s lack of motivation. A brilliant come back to outclass the best team in the league; Manchester City.

Then yesterday, a demotivating defeat to Arsenal. Chelsea were listless and lackluster. They lacked determination in their approach. Arsenal’s win was not because of technical superiority; the Gunners left plenty of room in their backline for Chelsea to pounce on but the Chelsea team looked out of sorts and without a leader on the pitch.

Sarri’s general Jorginho seemed to have forgotten his passing range. Forget making a through ball to put players through, Jorginho cannot even complete 10 yard passes without giving the ball away.

Then there is Marcos Alonso on the left flank. He fancies himself as a winger and refuses to build attacks until he trudges up in his sheepish speed by which time the opposition is more than ready to face him.

The last problem lies with Luiz’s hot and cold blowing nature. Fantastic against City; he was horrendous against Spurs and average at best against Arsenal.

Sarri should be angry but he also has a lot of tactical work to do.

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