Daily Mail’s chief sports writer believes that Jorginho is simply not good or fast enough to orchestrate Sarri Ball in England.

The headline is ‘Sarriball is fantastic’ says bloke called Sarri,” he told the Sunday Supplement. “It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fantastic for everybody. It isn’t fantastic for Kante or [Eden] Hazard.”

“The guy it all has to rotate around is Jorginho, who doesn’t look good enough for that, certainly not in the Premier League. It seems to be a lot quicker than Serie A was for him. Arsenal swarmed around him yesterday. Sarri was basically saying ‘Arsenal wanted it more than us’ but their midfield was superb.”

“They swarmed around Jorginho and they swarmed around Chelsea‘s midfield. You’ve got Jorginho who, going into the game, the statistic was 1997 passes, creating 15 chances and zero assists.

“You can say the zero assists could be to do with players missing chances, but he’s not playing a killer pass – and if this is your playmaker he’s got to play the killer pass.”

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  1. Jovinho not good enough. Offload him. He just can’t push forward and assist goals or score a goal. His just chasing shadows and passes back the ball. Kovacih just as bad. Looses the ball to easy. Not a good physical player. Send him back to Madrid. Bring in Moses and Cahil. Sell Christensen and buy another center defender. You have to spend money in order to win trophies. Sarrie not good enough coach. His style is old. Get Zidane motivated. Offer him something good. Let him pick a few players. Trust me on this one. Need advice look me up. Thanks

  2. @chris Banut you picked the words right out of my mouth . I’ve been screaming out the same comments about the same inept players and the manager as well . Sarrie is a dinosaur and has no clue about the English premier League . Get rid of the lot I say.

  3. Put Kante and hazard back where they belong. Jorginho is just a new Mikel, holding up the game creating nothing at all!


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