Thomas Tuchel believes stopping the Premier League won't be sufficient

Thomas Tuchel doubtful whether suspending Premier League would help.

The Blues had a goalless draw against Wolves in their last weekend clash.

Prior to that, the club has urged the league to suspend the game due to several COVID cases in the camp.

Thomas Tuchel said that they were forced to play the game but a Premier League suspension was discussed earlier this week on Monday.

The Blues will be facing Brentford for their Carabao Cup quarter-finals clash on Wednesday evening.

The manager claims that he doesn’t have a solution for this ongoing Covid-19 situation.

Tuchel said to BBC Sport: “I understand it is not easy to postpone games but for isolated situations like ours, we thought we had a strong case.

“I shared my thoughts with everybody and we accept the situation. We accepted the challenge and we will accept the next challenge.

“I don’t know if [a stoppage] would help and I don’t want to give the impression I have the solution. They were my thoughts, particularly for the last two days around the Wolves game and coming into it. That was my concern.”


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