Tammy Abraham hesitant to return to play football this season

The British government recently gave the green light to return to the Premier League, sports events will be allowed from June 1.

Opinions are divided, with some advocating for a speedy return to the field, while others say they should not be rushed. Chelsea young star Tammy Abraham does not want to return to the field at this time. The reason he wants to play when he is 100% safe is the asthma his father has.

“We all want football to come back, but we all want to see what happens. I want to play too, this was my first season at Chelsea and it went great, so I want the championship to continue. But we need to go back only when we are 100% safe. My father has asthma, so God forbid if we go back to play and get infected I can cause him big problems. “The last thing I want is to have contact with someone infected,” Abraham said.

On one side, the government insist the Premier League’s return will offer a positive boost to the nation, while others say it’s too early. But at the end, because it’s the footballers that put themselves at risk, many people believe the decision should be entirely up to them.

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