Romelu Lukaku finally apologises for his controversial comments

Romelu Lukaku will be fined despite Tuchel accepting his apology for his controversial comments.

The former Intern Milan striker said in an interview that he was unhappy with Tuchel’s style of play and claimed he would like to return to Inter in the near future.

This created a noise in the Chelsea dressing room and among the fans which led to him getting dropped in the Liverpool game.

After having a discussion with the Belgian striker, Tuchel confirms that Lukaku is ready to clean the mess up and is back for contention against Tottenham Hotspur on Wednesday.

“First of all, we were even in the background happy that we took the time that it needed to look calmly on it and talk calmly,” Tuchel said.

“He has apologised and is back in the squad for today’s training [session] later.

“We have had enough time to clear the air and move on.

“For me, the most important thing was to understand and clearly understand and believe that it was not intentional.

“He did not do this intentionally to create noise in front of such a big game.”


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