Potential Chelsea owner vows to keep Tuchel post ownership

Thomas Tuchel will lead Chelsea if Sir Martin Broughton’s bid is successful.

Sir Martin Broughton has been a lifelong Chelsea fan and vows to keep Tuchel at the wheel if he successfully manages to buy Chelsea.

Roman Abramovich was sanctioned earlier this month by the US government and US bank The Raine Group will lead the task of handling the sale of the West London club.

Martin Broughton who’s a partner with Sports Investment Partners insists he will do what the fans say.

‘Do the fans want Thomas Tuchel to stay? Absolutely we want him to stay,’ Broughton told talkSPORT.

‘There isn’t a Chelsea fan around that I know that would suggest any other solution would be the right solution.

‘Ultimately in all of these things, that will finish up being down to Thomas Tuchel.

‘But there’s only one position we’ll be taking.’

‘Once we become the legal owners, we have to remember that the emotional ownership is actually with the fans. So you’ve got to involve them in one way or another,’ Broughton added.

‘We don’t want to sit and tell fans which ones [ownership models] we’re going to introduce. I have actually met the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust.’


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