Pep Guardiola feels sorry for Chelsea and Thomas Tuchel

The British government has frozen assets of Chelsea billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Chelsa owner Roman Abramovich has been suspended from doing business in the UK and all his assets including Chelsea were frozen.

Chelsea have been banned from doing any transfer business, stopped from selling tickets and merchandise and only £20,000 has been allotted for away travel.

Man City manager Pep Guardiola feels this is an awkward situation forTuchel to deal with at this moment.

Guardiola said: “When there was Covid we were asked to talk like doctors on the medicine, the vaccines,” he said. “It looks like when we speak here we have to know absolutely everything.

“We are the face of the club, we are right here every three days, so you ask whatever you want, but you have to understand that there are subjects we don’t know, and we don’t have a one-hour lesson to speak or talk about what you are asking for.

“It’s uncomfortable and I feel sorry for them because they are there to do the jobs as well as possible.”


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