Olivier Giroud Impresses France Coach Ahead Of Nations League Ties

Olivier Giroud has once again made it into Didier Deschamps’ good books.

He clinched 4 goals against Sevilla on Wednesday, scoring a perfect hat-trick with his left and right along with a header.

Of course, this went a long way to impress his international coach who has been demanding more game time out of him. Giroud’s drop down the pecking order immediately attracted warning signals from Deschamps as was the case for him at Arsenal.

“It’s always important for attackers to score goals, whatever the match,” Deschamps said. “But our analysis is done in relation to the opposition. When it’s a Champions League match, against a Sevilla team that is very successful, it necessarily highlights Giroud’s performance.

“He had the immense pleasure of being able to start a match. It does not happen to him often, even if by returning he scores important goals. Scoring a quadruple in the Champions League doesn’t happen every day. Besides, they are different goals.

“Olivier is someone with a big mind, a big character. He is forced to fight against everyone, to excess at times. It was an important game as they played first place against Sevilla. Faced with such an opponent, it further enhances his performance. Good for him and for his club.”

Deschamps added: “He was often decisive anyway in scoring or giving the last pass. He is a player who makes the differences.

“It’s been a while since he scored in the Champions League but it happens. He wants to stop this series and be efficient, but that does not prevent him from doing decisive things for his club despite everything.”

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