Ole unhappy with Chelsea getting more rest before FA Cup

It’s football when you are in the advantage but unfair when you get the boot – ideologies of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. 

The Manchester United manager has to be given credit where it is due – he has managed to convince a fan base and the board that he is worthy of a top job despite lacking basic coaching tactical skills. However, that is where his prowess ends. Ole despite all his ‘let’s do it the United way by promoting young players to the world stage to become the best’ has signed players worth over 200 million Euros in the last 12 months itself. 

And he is still sad that he needs a squad of good players – this is after inheriting squad on which 700 million Euros had already been invested in the last 5 years. 

Now he is unhappy with being able to rest less against Chelsea for their FA Cup clash. Lampard’s men were left without senior players, talisman Hazard and a transfer ban and used Championship players all season but Ole has to cry over resting 24 hours less – because let’s face it, he does not know how to manager his squad like a proper manager would. 

Even then, the odds do look stacked in favor of United however, with their strong signings like Bruno and a rekindled Pogba and also with Martial and Rashford on fire in front of goal. 

It should make for an exciting match except for Ole’s obvious mediocrity. 

This is what Solskjaer had to say:

“There is a concern, obviously, that they will have had 48 hours’ more rest and recovery than us. It’s not fair,” Solskjaer said.

“We spoke about a fair scheduling going into this restart and of course it isn’t. But I have to think about Thursday, winning that one, focusing on that one, and then pick up the pieces after that.”

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