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Neville talks about Chelsea defeat


Gary Neville has defended Maurizio Sarri after Chelsea’s 6-0 thrashing at the hands of Manchester City.

“It’s the type of club where you wouldn’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow to the news that Chelsea have changed their manager. It’s not something we want, six months into the job it would be madness in some ways, but there’s where we are at with football.”

“If the ownership at the club really want to see a better level of football they need to live through the pain. Now is not the time to go weak on that. In the next 24-48 hours we will see whether Chelsea have the belief that they want to follow through with it.”

“In the past they have changed. Are they going to stick with Sarri? How intent are they on changing the style of football?”

“If you said at the start of the season that Chelsea would be challenging for the top four, would be in the FA Cup, still in Europe and in the Carabao Cup final, you wouldn’t think for one second that the manager would be losing his job.

“But it’s the noises that have been coming out from Chelsea in the last six or seven weeks and the interviews that Sarri has done. You can multiply that by 10 because we only hear a small part of it, so you can imagine on the inside it isn’t great.

“That would be a big concern, and Chelsea don’t hang around.”

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