Leipzig boss confirms Werner departure

The impending move of Timo Werner to Chelsea has gotten some Blues fans worried.

What if the deal falls through? What if somebody else joins the race?

Well, if Werner’s current team RB Leipzig’s boss Julian Nagelsmann’s words are anything to go by, Werner is set on his course to Chelsea. 

Speaking exclusively to Goal and DAZN, Werner said: “It’s not possible [to replace him], you can’t clone a player. When Timo Werner leaves us, the main thing would be to replace 34 goals a season.

“That would be the main task, which perhaps could not be solved by just one player. It is important that we get the same output at the end of the day, that is the complex thing about the topic.”

Speaking about the bizarre situation in which Werner might play for Chelsea against Leipzig in this season’s Champions League in August, due to weird FIFA and UEFA rules, Nagelsmann had this to say. 

“If the contracts remain as they are, a player whose contract ends on June 30th theoretically would play for a new team beginning July 1st. It’s FIFA’s turn [to solve the problem].

“I personally find the idea interesting that players go to their new clubs on July 1, and then the same rules should apply to the Champions League as to national team secondments. In other words, the new club would have to relinquish the player to the old club for the Champions League games.

“Then there could be confused scenarios, but it would be very strange for me if it should come to the situation that you suddenly play against your own player.”

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