Learning From The Sheffield Loss: How Chelsea Will React Next Time

In a surprising turn of events, Sheffield United won 3-0 against top-flight club Chelsea on Saturday.

Frank Lampard didn’t try to justify the loss, however – he felt the Sheffield side was deserving in its win. 

Rather, the Chelsea boss prefers to learn from their mistakes, than lament over it.

‘I’m not actually concerned so much about the top four today, even though all I do is watch the games on TV and consider where we’re at and what we want to do,” said Lampard.

‘Of course I want to get there but today I’m concerned about how we performed and I learned a lot about that. We cannot approach Norwich or Man United or Liverpool or Wolves in the same way we did today.

‘It’s not one to cry our eyes out over for days. We know where we’re at – we have the opportunity to fight for the top four, which not many expected us to do at the start of the season. We’re nowhere near a finished article, I know that and we have to improve.’

He’s making sure that next time, their mistakes shall not be repeated again, all while congratulating his opposition.

‘They were better than us physically, in the mind and with the ball so you lose the game,’ admitted the boss. ‘They were stronger than us. We don’t have crowds at the minute so you hear every voice and all I could hear was Sheffield United voices so they were stronger in that sense.

‘They had more voice and more personality, which reflected in the way they played. They’re good players and they’re a good team – we all know that this season so if you come here and perform below-par collectively as we did, it’s going to happen.’

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