Chelsea display slammed by Frank Lampard

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard is not a person to take extreme measures.

Yet after his team’s 3-0 humiliation last night at the hands of Sheffield United, Frank has vowed to remember last night and learn from it. He was not in a mood to spare the team and lambasted the lethargic and lackluster performance from the Blues.

‘They were better than us physically, in the mind and with the ball so you lose the game,’ stated the boss. ‘They were stronger than us. We don’t have crowds at the minute so you hear every voice and all I could hear was Sheffield United voices so they were stronger in that sense.

‘They had more voice and more personality, which reflected in the way they played. They’re good players and they’re a good team – we all know that this season so if you come here and perform below-par collectively as we did, it’s going to happen.’

‘They’re disappointing goals, mistakes that led to goals, individual errors, and if you do that you will lose football matches against good teams. I’ve got to be careful not to over-analyze this one because it’s what you do, analyze all season and review things.

‘What we have to do now with that game is put it to bed because the only thing that matters now is that we fight for top four and we’re still in that race because of how we’ve been this season.

‘We have to put this game away very quickly but I learned a lot, I won’t forget that. You tend to learn more in tough moments and tough games but that’s for me to deal with moving forward.’

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