Lampard's parameters at Chelsea has changed

Frank Lampard took an young, inexperienced team to a top 4 spot and a final in a cup run with a transfer ban slapped on his hand. 

In the big picture, he had an extremely successful first season. Now, however, the situation is changing rapidly.

The club is and will spend a lot of money and so with new world-class signings coming in, Lampard will have to go back to his playing days at Chelsea where nothing but the best sufficed. 

Gus Poyet, the Chelsea legend has backed Frank to deliver.

“Now we are coming to a moment when it looks like Chelsea are really going to invest,” Poyet told Sky Sports.

“It changes the parameters completely from last year. Last year was a transition year, ‘Let’s see how we do’, and it was very good.

“With the possibility of all these players coming in now, Chelsea need to aim top two, if not winning the league.

“How ambitious he (Lampard) is, I think he would prefer this, I think he would prefer players coming in and going for the big possibilities.

“I don’t think he wanted to be at Chelsea just playing with young kids and being allowed not to win trophies.

“I think Frank wants to win trophies and these kinds of players will give him the chance to get closer.”

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