Lampard unhappy despite Chelsea being in top 4

It has been weird season in the Premier League.

Never before champions Liverpool have won 21 and drawn 1 in their 22 games and are close to sealing one of the biggest wins in Premier League history.

Defending Champions City have faded away. Leicester under Brendan Rodgers have come out of the blue and are sitting high on 3rd.

Below them it is a mad scramble for power. Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, Wolves and Sheffield are all scrambling for the fourth. 

At the moment Chelsea sit 6 points clear in 4th but their boss Frank Lampard is not happy. 

“I am not happy, it’s more of the fact we could be in better daylight in fourth,” Lampard said at his pre-match press conference.

“In the last two games alone we have created chances. Newcastle two shots and a goal, Arsenal two shots two goals.

“We need to get that right.”

To be honest, that is a brutally fair reflection and self assessment from Frank. He knows Chelsea should be closer to Manchester City than to Sheffield United not just based on reputation but also given how well we have played this season.

However, the reality is that we are on 40 points from 24 games. We need to get back on the winning path or risk losing CL spots to teams below us.

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