Lampard sends worrying message over Chelsea inconsistencies

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has revealed he is unable to pinpoint the problem at Chelsea this season!

Lampard reflected, “It is a hard one to pinpoint because there can be quite few factors. Maybe having no fans is a factor, I don’t know why but it certainly feels like it is a factor.

“Talking about ourselves, a lot of the teams at the top of the league at the moment finished their season when we played Wolves last league game of the season, but we went on to play the FA Cup final and in Munich one week later, so I couldn’t give the lads a few days off, and then they had shy of two weeks off.

“When we came back in we had double figures of players in isolation for two weeks so it is not easy. I hate excuses because you can’t hang onto them for too long, you have to move forward, but then we had new players coming into the team. Football is always about relationships on the pitch and those are things you work on on the training ground and we are now working on them in game to try to get a lot of improvement in the team.

“So I think it is normal the results may have been affected when you are talking about the teams that maybe are expected to be at the top.

“Talking about ourselves, we need to keep on working and improving because I have a lot of faith in the squad we have. On Saturday we showed a base of being able to keep a clean sheet and show resilience which makes me happy, because I am less worried about those relationships at the top of the pitch because a lot that stuff will be individual quality and we certainly have that.”

We’ll let’s hope for the sake of Frank, Chelsea find their form soon!

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