Petr Cech still better than other Chelsea keepers in training

Former Chelsea teammate Mark Schwarzer believes that Petr Cech trains better than most other Chelsea goalkeepers.

The former Czech international goalkeeper was astonishingly included in Chelsea’s Premier League squad having been impressed in training.

Cech’s former teammate Schwarzer claims that he is feeling in great shape and could even leave the Blues if he finds an appealing offer to play regularly elsewhere.

‘I spoke to him two weeks ago and we were talking about lots of different things, talking about Mendy, Kepa and himself training,’ Schwarzer told Optus Sports.

‘And he just was saying that he felt so good. He said to me that, had he have known that having time off he would have felt so good, he would have only had six months off and wouldn’t have retired. He actually believes he’s fit enough and strong enough and good enough still to play in the Premier League.

‘So it’s an interesting one because he’s caught in two jobs at the moment, he’s Chelsea’s Technical and Performance Advisor and that his number one role.

‘But if an opportunity came along that was of interest to him, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Petr Cech coming back out of retirement and playing somewhere. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but it would not be a shock to me if that happened.’

He continued: ‘From my understanding, he was better than the Chelsea keepers – but this was before Mendy arrived at the club. He was performing and training better than the Chelsea keepers.

‘On that, he’s number two. But he’s not because he hasn’t played games. I know he’s kicking the ball further than he did towards the end of his career, because the injuries he had, the problems he had with his ankle, his calf, they were hindering his kicking game.

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