Lampard holding back transfer window trump card

Friday was a good evening for the Chelsea fans and the club.

They had just won their verdict against FIFA at CAS and were legally now allowed to sign players in January!

However, Saturday’s performance against Everton turned gloomy all too soon. The Blues were pedestrian at best and were not ready to match the energy levels of their opposition. 

They defended rather sloppily and naturally in the pressers, the first thing asked was that whether Frank Lampard was considering immediate and drastic changes in the squad in the next few weeks courtesy of the January transfer window. 

“Not yet,” Lampard told reporters when asked if he now thinks a January refresh is required.

“Work [is required],” he continued. “We had it nice, we were winning games. This is the Premier League. We went to [Manchester] City, played pretty well, lost the game.

“But then the two games since then are signs of where we need to get better. We have played two teams who have been having a tough time and we have allowed the games to go away from us for different reasons and they will be big lessons for us.”

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