Lampard feels Chelsea need improving

Back to back defeats.

One goal score, two losses, three goals conceded – Chelsea are losing the plot midway this season.

‘That’s just where we’re at this season,’ he said. ‘We’ve seen the results and we felt it first-hand at the weekend with Wolves.

‘They have good players, they invested in the summer, they’re a good squad, they were well-organised and they made it difficult for us. Watching the other games, you see that all over the place. Teams are strengthening and the league is getting tighter.

‘I certainly felt our preparation into the season was slightly different so we’ve been a bit of a work in progress. We feel ourselves that we’ve already lost some points that we maybe wouldn’t have done and everyone will feel that in their own way.

‘I do think the level of the points will be less but we just have to try to make sure we maintain our levels and keep improving to stay in that.’

‘I just don’t see it,’ he admitted in response to claims that he has the strongest squad in the country. ‘I’m not talking down my squad by saying that.

‘Some people are saying we’ve got the strongest squad and we can swap players with no change but these are the same people who were saying those players weren’t so good when we drew with West Brom and Southampton.

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