Lampard Determined Not To Engage In Favouritism Over New Signings

Lampard is determined not to favour new Chelsea signings over old ones.

He believes that everyone on the squad has an equal chance of featuring in the starting eleven – be it new or existing players.

The Chelsea boss does not want to engage in any kind of favouritism – it all depends on how skilled a player is.

“Every player can play their way into the starting XI, that’s in every player’s hands,” said Lampard. “That’s how I work here. The things I do are always in the best interests of the team and what’s best for the club because we’re trying to get results every week.

“The players all know that and the beauty of the window being shut is that we can get to work and know what the squad is. Everybody knows that they can contribute and we’ll need them and rely on them because of the amount of games we play. Toni’s the same as every other player on that one.”

“I think Reece [James] had a fantastic debut, Mason [Mount] gets his goal and contributed in those two games that he played. Where players have not really had pre-season games or had enough minutes on the pitch, I’m actually happy. Sometimes you might bemoan the fact that a player might go away and play three 90 minutes or big minutes in games when they’re away because you’re kind of selfish and want them for Chelsea. At the moment our players need games so I’m pleased for the ones who have played.”

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