Lampard delighted with extra special win over Jose!

Frank Lampard has revealed that last night’s win against Tottenham was extra special.

Lampard is not known to be pals with Spurs and on top of that beating former boss Mourinho had Lampard pumped. The win also was his first big win against the top 6.

He said, “Possibly, particularly when you’ve had a long week. We’ve waited a long time through a week’s training to be able to work on what we wanted to do today so that’s been great.

That’s not just me. It’s not just about me, it’s about the staff and the input. We spoke a lot this week. We worked with the players on the pitch. So for me the reason to get so excited was not to look like we’ve actually accomplished anything because we haven’t, we play Southampton in a few days and we need to worry about where we’re at in May.

But I think for the players to feel how they should feel after that performance and for the fans to see what they can do when you’re absolutely at it in all senses is a big deal. Now, can we be consistent? Can we keep reproducing?”

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