Lampard not impressed with Jose's comments on Rudiger

Jose Mourinho had a sly dig at Rudiger for overplaying the Son incident which got the winger sent off.

However, Lampard has refused to align his thoughts with Jose.

He said, “It was a red card. I don’t know how much he’s supposed to make out of it. I think Son is a great player and, I don’t know him, from the outside he looks like a great person. But sometimes in football you have instinctive moments.

It happened, it was a bit of a reflex. Maybe sometimes in a game where you’re having it really tough and it’s going against you a little bit and I think it was that moment. I will not have any words said about how Toni Rudiger dealt with that.”

However, Lampard is confident that he will remain friends with Jose!

“Yes. I think to go up against a manager who I respect so much from my playing days and for what he’s done in the game and win, that obviously feels good. He spoke before the game about how he really loves me but he wants to beat me.

That’s completely understandable and that’s how I went into this game. It should never change that, even if we have anything on the line in the heat of the 90 minutes, which we didn’t. It wouldn’t change that, what Jose has done with his career and what he’s done for me as a player means I have respect for him.”

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