Kovacic feels Blues still have a lot of room for improvement

Mateo Kovacic is definitely one of the good signings Chelsea has had, and no wonder he feels that Chelsea can improve way more than how they’re playing right now.

He is definitely not pleased with the Blues’s performance this season and wants them to buckle up the upcoming Champions League this year.

Our season is going up and down, which is not good for a great team like Chelsea,” the former Inter Milan man noted.

“But I think we have a lot of young players, we are a new team, so we can improve a lot.”

“We need to be more consistent, because if you win against the bigger teams but then you lose against the smaller opponents in the end it’s the same, so in each match we need to give everything.

“It isn’t important who it is against, they all give you three points. Our targets are reachable but Chelsea needs to be, and is, a club always looking for the title.

“In this moment we need to look for the top four, but I think from next season we need to go for titles, because what is most important is to win trophies, and Chelsea is a club that has won a lot of trophies for many years.”

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