Jurgen Klopp spot on Chelsea's poor season in Premier League

Jurgen Klopp’s description of why it’s all blown up is spot on.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp makes statement on Chelsea’s poor season. The Blues are sitting in 12th place in the Premier League right now, and look likely to finish significantly below that given their remaining fixtures and their terrible form.

His quotes reveal he feels sympathy for the managers who have been sacked this season. However, he also laments how obvious it was that it would all end up this way.

His description of why it’s all blown up is spot on.

“I feel a little bit for Chelsea to be honest, because it’s not going well, I think they’re a top, top team, but on the other side it’s good to see that you cannot just bring top players together and think it works out,” Klopp said in quotes picked up in the Daily Mail.

“You have to build a team and that’s what the guys there underestimated and gave their coaches a nearly impossible job to do.

“You cannot have two dressing rooms, you cannot train on two pitches, you have to create relationships, you have to create team spirit, and that’s the only reason why I’m a little bit happy about it.

“Chelsea will be fine in the end and they will be incredibly strong next year, but I’m using them just as an example. At the highest level, no, we cannot do it like that. And that’s what we will not do.

“You have to bring in the right players and build a new team. This team wrote a sensational story and now we start a new one, that’s it.”

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