Jorginho opens up on how adaptation helped him at Chelsea

Jorginho has addressed how he adapted his game in Premier League.

Jorginho reveals how he adapted to Premier League and Chelsea since his arrival from Napoli in 2019. The Italian struggled in his debut season at Blues but he transformed his energy.

The Italian midfielder was drawing boos and jeers from club supporters during his starting time at Stamford Bridge. He made a big turnaround at Stamford Bridge and took Chelsea to a Champions League title last season.

The 28-year-old has addressed how he adapted his game in Premier League. “There was more contact, more tackles, more fighting for the ball than just tactical games,” Jorginho said to the official Chelsea programme.

“So that was really different, and when I first moved it was not just different, but really hard as well. I had to adapt myself, I had to improve, I had to learn and I’m grateful that I came here, where I could learn from this amazing championship that is the Premier League,” he also added.

“I think I’ve learned a lot and I’ve improved a lot defensively and also in terms of intensity and putting in the energy and tackles. The benefits come from adapting to these things because if you don’t adapt yourself here, you need to leave. So I adapted, I learned a lot and I’m really glad about that.”

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