Frank Lampard Delivers Important Hudson-Odoi Health Update

Last week, Chelsea player Callum Hudson-Odoi came out positive after being tested for coronavirus.

He immediately went into quarantine and Chelsea took precautions for all other players as well, and put them in self-isolation. Chelsea also disinfected and deep cleaned all of the Blues areas and facilities. Obviously, everyone was quite worried about Hudson-Odoi and as the week went by, he also started feeling better.

Hudson-Odoi had given an update on his improving health on Friday, and it brought some relief to fans.

And now, Frank Lampard has given an update on Hudson-Odoi’s health after he came down with Covid-19 on Chelsea FC’s Official website.

“I’m happy to say that in Callum’s case, he has made great progress and almost feels his usual self, which is obviously the news we all want to hear.”

‘I am of course aware that not everyone can or will recover from this virus, so I urge all of the football and sporting community to continue to act responsibly and look out for the health of others.”

“Please do take the time to call older relatives and vulnerable people who might be alone, or offer to drop round shopping if they can’t get out. Let’s make sure we all take care of each other.”

Safe to say, this is great news! The thing about Covid-19 is that there is a lot of room for recover from the virus. Although Lampard admits that maybe not everyone can recover, taking necessary precautions and resting if sick may help in prevention and faster recovery.

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  1. If Chelsea want a goalie who plays a properly safe game, I’ve noticed recently a lad from the championship, I think his name is Noble, or some thing close. None of this fancy pushing the ball away etc. when he goes for the ball he uses his hands for what his hands are meant for. A tall young man who gets down quickly for a low stop.


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