Fletcher has Chelsea advice for Jose Mourinho

Former Manchester United midfielder has a few words of advice for Jose Mourinho.

He has told the former Chelsea boss to adopt his old style which he used at Chelsea to win over the Tottenham Hotspur players. 

“It’s the first time there’s a little bit of doubt over Jose Mourinho,” Fletcher said on BBC Radio 5 Live.

“Even going to United, everyone thought ‘great appointment’ even though there were signs at Real Madrid and Chelsea, ‘is he the same manager?’, people still gave him the benefit of the doubt.

But this is the first time where they’ve almost said ‘he’s a changed man, he’s not evolved’.

“It’s not his last chance because he’s Jose Mourinho. He could still go to Italy and things like that but Premier League, without a doubt.

“The fact that he’s in London, he’ll see this as an unbelievable job for him.

“He’s back with his family in London, he looks at the Spurs team that have finished in the Champions League four of the last five seasons, have completely run its course with Pochettino, maybe just needs to be refreshed tactically.

“If we see the old Jose, who gets the players on side, who backs the players and really gives them a real boost psychologically, never mind tactically, becomes their best mate, telling them they’re a good player, that he believes in them – if we see all these signs and things coming back, you’ll see Spurs shoot up the table.”

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