Raheem Sterling deserves credit for turning his Chelsea career around after his brace at home

Chelsea’s winger, Raheem Sterling, is in serious trouble after the Football Association (FA) launched an investigation into his behavior during their close match against Tottenham.

Sterling’s conduct were called into question after he was spotted on camera throwing an object back into the crowd after a missile was fired at celebrating Chelsea players during the game.

Although Sterling’s answer was classified as very oblique and non-aggressive, the FA remains devoted to maintaining the sport’s integrity.

A recent incident with Everton’s Richarlison, who received a ban for a similar occurrence using a lighted flare, establishes a precedent for how the FA will treat such instances in the future.

The video footage in question was filmed by the club’s own social media platforms, which adds an intriguing twist to the story. The club’s unintentional involvement in Sterling’s case simply adds to the frustration of the situation.

As the inquiry continues, fans await the FA’s judgment, which will definitely have an impact on Sterling’s future on the field.

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