Chelsea midfielder Cole Palmer faces injury on England Under-21s duty

Chelsea star Cole Palmer made a brave choice to leave Manchester City for the bustling streets of London with Chelsea.

The midfielder, who had never been on loan before, was initially reluctant to leave City’s comfort zone. However, the enticement of constant first-team participation proved unsettling.

He said of the decision to go: “You know how good a manager Pep [Guardiola] is and he gave me the opportunity and the platform to kick-start my career, so I’ll always be grateful to him.

“Who knows what would have happened had I stayed… maybe I would have played more, maybe not. But the decision to move to Chelsea, so far, is paying off.

“It was a really tough decision, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. But with the competition that’s there, the players they have and those they were going to sign, I made my choice.

“I was speaking to people at Chelsea, and I spoke to my dad, but I really didn’t know what to do. I was thinking about it for a couple of days, near enough every minute of the day. In the end, I felt that for my career I had to leave to get regular game time.

“It was a big move for me as I’d never been out of Manchester. I hadn’t been on loan or anything like that, so to move down here on my own was a big thing. When I arrived, it was difficult as I was staying in a hotel, but I’ve now settled in.”

Palmer’s seven-year contract with Chelsea, agreed on transfer deadline day, showed a long-term commitment beyond brief success. His Premier League debut has been nothing short of remarkable, with four goals in nine outings.

Additionally, Palmer shown his resolve by scoring the equalizing goal against his former side in a thrilling 4-4 tie on Sunday.

Palmer’s stroke of faith seems to be paying off, not only for Chelsea, but also for his international goals, as he joins the senior squad for the November Euro 2024 qualifiers.

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