Chelsea’s new £40m sponsor admires owner Todd Boehly for future prospect

Boehly was quick to contact Ebersol to tap into his company’s AI tech and media expertise.

Chelsea’s new shirt sponsor has reassured anxious supporters that Todd Boehly plans to secure success for decades to come. Charlie Ebersol, boss of the Blues’ new shirt sponsor Infinite Athlete, hails the Chelsea owner.

Charlie Ebersol has worked closely with Boehly since he bought out Roman Abramovich last summer.

Boehly was quick to contact Ebersol to tap into his company’s AI tech and media expertise. He wants to boost Chelsea’s performance on and off the pitch.

Ebersol said: “It was a very easy decision to choose Chelsea. Look at the investment they’ve made in the academies, the type of investment they’ve made in scouting, the type of investment they’ve made an understanding of value players – it’s remarkable.

“They went from just about the oldest team in the Premier League to the youngest. If you look at their expected points in every match, they are the only team in the entire Premier League who has had a higher expected points in every match.”

Infinite Athlete was born of the marriage between Ebersol and his partners’ other companies Tempus Ex-Mina and Biocore.

Asked why Premier League clubs would back a company working so closely with the Blues, Ebersol speaks: “Well, I think making money is probably their primary goal as investors in my company.

“We worked really hard to have investors who are not only the top private equity and venture firms in the world, of which a number of them own Premier League teams, NBA teams and NFL teams.

“When people were saying derogatory stuff about the company, I was entertained. We’re a privately held company that has never published any numbers. The only leak that’s ever come out is that we’ve raised hundreds of millions of dollars from all these huge funds.

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