Chelsea to cut down on 30% of player wages due to lack of Champions League football next season

The Daily Mail reports that Chelsea would reduce its £300 million payroll expenditure by 30% as a result of not making the Champions League for the upcoming season

The Blues will lose millions of dollars as a result of not competing in Europe’s Premier League. Some of the players’ pay will have to be given up. The Todd Boehly/Clearlake Consortium, Chelsea’s new owners, devised a bonus scheme that penalises players financially for failing to qualify for the Champions League. The most recent additions to Chelsea’s roster and veteran players who signed new contracts will have 30% of their salaries withheld.

Additionally, it is said that Chelsea has talked about new contracts with potential pay raises of up to 50%. The Champions League participation of Chelsea is necessary for this increase. The old system, where players only received bonuses for winning titles, is different from the new one. It’s unclear whether the new salary structure would go into effect right now or if players will have some leeway. The incentive-based wage system was established by the new owners to inspire players.

However, it also offers Chelsea some financial security in the event that they are unsuccessful in winning the highly expensive Champions League. Contracts from the time of Roman Abramovich, however, will be fully paid.

Since joining the London club this summer, Boehly and the Clearlake Consortium have been active in the transfer market. Over the course of the two transfer windows, they have hired 12 players on permanent contracts. Seven players have also received fresh contracts from them. Yesterday, Chelsea lost 2-0 against Real Madrid for the second time, and they were eliminated from the Champions League.

It was the icing on top of a disastrous debut campaign for Chelsea’s new management, who are presently 11th in the Premier League standings. The two domestic English mugs they were using were destroyed. The owners have signed numerous disappointing players and have spent over £600 million on the market. After a dismal season, captain Thiago Silva advised the club’s owners to cease making new signings and develop a clear plan. Chelsea has lost their last four games and has now gone through four managers. To at least finish well and begin putting together for the upcoming season, they must get their act together.

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