Chelsea fans slammed for requesting statue of Roman Abramovich

Simon Jordan branded Chelsea fans as ‘hypocrites’ for requesting statue of former owner Roman Abramovich.

Todd Boehly’s takeover of Chelsea was completed on Monday and replaced Abramovich as the new owner of the London club.

The Russian billionaire was forced to sell the club as he was sanctioned by the British government.

Simon Jordan disliked the idea of having a statue of the former Russian owner outside Stamford Bridge.

He told talkSPORT: “Hypocrites. How can you have a man sanctioned to this point where he has to leave the country and has to give up the football club, and you moron wants to put a statue outside Chelsea.

“I mean I am sorry but you have got to call somebody stupid when they are being stupid. That is stupid. How can you put a statue of a man that has been sanctioned outside a football club because he did something for you?

“It is stupid, how stupid have you got to be? We are telling people they can’t play in Wimbledon and tennis tournaments, we are telling athletes they can’t compete, telling football teams that they can’t play in Europe but a fella that has been sanctioned because he is inexplicably indexed should have a statue outside Chelsea’s football ground. Go wobble your head. I mean really?”


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  1. Abramovich has been wonderful for the club and deserves some firm of recognition. I think a statue is a brilliant idea. How can you call us hypocrites, it wasn’t us who sanctioned him and the club it was the government led on by others who thought somehow it might help the poor people in Ukraine and maybe stop the war, and guess what it made absolutely no difference.

  2. If an owner brought to the club you have been supporting for 50 years 21 trophies in 19 years you would do the same but that is never going to happen to a club like Crystal Palace . Bet back in your box Simon Jordan


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