Azpilicueta rallies troops as the battle for top 4 intensifies

With only 7-8 matches to go and 7-10 points separating almost 8 teams fighting for two spots, the Premier League could not have hoped for a more exciting finish to the season. 

Chelsea is currently in the fourth spot and five points clear of the next team Manchester United and 4 points behind Leicester City with a game in hand.

However, Azpi knows the situation can change very fast with such a huge chasing pack and has rallied his players to come through for the remainder of the season. 

He said, “We have to be in the top four after the 38 games.”

“That’s when we have to be in the top four.

“Maybe people didn’t expect us to be where we are but if we are there it is because we deserve to be there. Also, we have missed a lot of chances to be even higher.

“We lost a very important player, of course, but we had a challenge, we started in pre-season and we’ve worked hard. We’re in a good position.

“Now it’s time to finish the job. It’s in our hands. It’s up to us to take it and finish where we want to finish.”

Chelsea is up next against the fiery Manchester City at the Bridge. 

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