Azpilicueta believes Chelsea have lost all respect

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta believes that there is no dignity and respect left for Chelsea anymore at Stamford Bridge by other teams.

Chelsea have lost 3 out of the 4 Premier League games at home, giving way to a string of losses.

‘It is the reality that the last four games at home we have lost three and didn’t score goals,’ said the Spaniard. ‘It is an issue that we cannot find the consistency at home and this needs to improve for the second part of the season if we are to finish near the top.

It’s difficult to understand because normally at home we play in a way that we can find teams a bit more defensive and where you can enjoy more time on the ball, create more chances.’

‘It’s true that we have not been able to replicate the away form where we could win games in tough places,’ Azpilicueta continued.

‘Especially after coming from Sunday’s game at Tottenham where we did well, kept a clean sheet and our target was to keep that consistency and solidity.’

‘It’s true that teams see we’re not winning games here. They come with more confidence,’ the full-back continued. ‘Forget tactics, we need to recover respect at home because it’s not normal to lose so many games in your stadium. When the new year starts we have to be ready from the first second. We have to win games.

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