Arsene Wenger - Chelsea Had Mental Edge Over Manchester City

Arsene Wenger felt Chelsea already had an advantage over Manchester City.

The Blues lifted the Champions League trophy after beating Pep Guardiola’s men 1-0 in the final.

Wenger stated that Chelsea’s recent results against City were indicative of where the match was headed. Chelsea had already beaten City 2-1 in the FA Cup semi-final and 1-0 in the Premier League under Thomas Tuchel. They did not have to take on an unfamiliar challenge to try and beat the English champions.

The former Arsneal boss said: “Guardiola has just been voted manager of the year in England, because he won the (Premier League) championship and dominated, but a final is only one game and that’s where you have to turn up and play at your best.

“Today, for Manchester City, that was not the case. They lost three games against Chelsea before. That strengthened Chelsea’s belief, and certainly made Man City a bit insecure.

“We never know exactly what traces that defeats leave in our mind, but it shows tonight that Chelsea were convinced they could beat them.”

Chelsea held strong against City’s attack, not allowing them any clear-cut opportunities to score.

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