Abraham insists he can still score goals to get into Champions League

Lampard’s most preferred striker Tammy Abraham insists that he can score enough goals to make Chelsea qualify for the Champions League.

“Playing for a club like Chelsea there is always going to be pressure,” he said.

“For me it is about being in the right place at the right time and believing in myself and my abilities as well. I am sure I will score a few more. I like the pressure and I play under pressure.

“For me I can’t complain, it has been a great season so far. I would like to push on. There are still massive games. I just have to be ready for them and take my opportunities.”

“The players we were talking about coming like Cavani and other top-class strikers who have been around in the game for many years,” he added.

“It would have been nice if he had come. He would have been someone I can learn off and steal his ideas to add to my own.

“It didn’t happen though and for me, it gives me that extra push and desire to claim my position and be as best as I can.”

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