Zinedine Zidane sly dig on Chelsea

Chelsea Football Club recently lost their star man Eden Hazard to Real Madrid and Real boss Zinedine Zidane held back no hesitations in belittling the Blues.

Zidane said, according to AS: “What Eden needed was a club like Madrid to improve. This club has something special and we all know it.

Zidane added: “[Hazard] is decisive player. He scores goals and makes a difference.

“He’s shown that throughout his career and now we have him. We will take advantage of his qualities.

“When I arrived at Real Madrid, I was 29 and I still had a lot left. I spent five years here as a player and improved things. Eden’s situation is the same.

“We know the type of player he is and that he can give us a lot.”

Hazard made a super expensive move to Real Madrid but the Frenchman, rightly is not worried about it as the Belgian can be expected to carry any team on his shoulders.

However, for a man like Zidane, who is so well respected and loved across football community, a comment like this belittling someone else and some other club does not look decent.

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  1. Zenedin should know that real Madrid is not a serious club. It’s their money talking. Chelsea is far much better than that Madrid club

  2. Please help me to tell zozo,to stop commenting on my club Chelsea that way and very soon he will kick out,before the season end


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