Why Hazard refused Bayern Munich

Eden Hazard has left Chelsea for Real Madrid.

The Belgian captain has always had a soft spot for Real Madrid since his childhood and has always made it clear that he wants to join the Galacticos.

However, in his seven years spent at Chelsea, he was a magnificient player. He was Chelsea’s best player in the seven years and there was no lack of suitors at the club for him.

Reportedly amongst all his suitors, one club Hazard said no to right away was Bayern Munich. 

The reason was the most peculiar one. Hazard’s younger brother Thorgan plays in the Bundesliga and Hazard, being the elder brother (and the better player) does not want to take the limelight away from his younger brother Thorgan.

“Eden ruled [joining Bayern Munich] out,” Green told The Athletic.

“He was like ‘I’m not going there because my brother Thorgan plays in Germany so it would turn into Eden Hazard and his brother’.

“He was basically saying that his brother can be known as Thorgan Hazard there rather than only be referred to as Eden’s brother.

“That could come across as a touch of arrogance but it was actually a really magnanimous thing to do.”

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