Tomori was sure of England success

Chelsea defender Fikayo Tomori was always confident he would play for England. 

“Once I got the call from England last month it was pretty much finalised, it was just about making my cap,” said Tomori.

“People still talked about the fact I hadn’t played and could still switch but it never really crossed my mind.

“As a little kid you want to make your debut for England. To get into the squad was one thing but then your debut is another thing so obviously it was a very proud moment for me.”

Asked about the Chelsea stars playing for England, Tomori said, “I’m not too sure what we’re doing, we just want to play football. We enjoy playing football for the club, we want to keep on improving and obviously the manager’s given us a chance to show ourselves in the Champions League and Premier League.”

“It’s pretty mad,” laughed the Chelsea defender. “If you told me 12 months ago that I’d make my England debut, I’d probably have looked at you funny because it just seemed so far away

“I think if you asked Mason the same question, I think he’d have been a bit, not weirded out, but a bit confused.

“Obviously he got called up last year but the fact he’s played now and scored a goal, whereas 12 months ago he was in the Championship – it’s a crazy journey.”

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